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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Lovely Day with lovely family!


So we decided to visit some places yesterday...feel really tired n super sleepy yesterday night then i post it thing i we like to visit vegetable farm is the situation was really fun n enjoy! and i can see my hubby really into it...because this is what he looking everything that related with farm. Mia very happy with it but the weather was very2 hot!! i also feel uncomfortable because i sweat a lot!

So here it is the first vegetables farm that we visited...

 These are lemongrass that was planted along the road

 on my left is bendi plants...on my right is gourd

remeber the movie 'the ring'????

Selfie from Mia...

her again....:-)

second place is a chili farm...

 wasn't it cool???

Third place was this one! A beautiful paddy field in Pantai Teluk Sepat...

 i must tell u guys this picture really impressed me!

It's time to get back u home buffaloes!!!!

 I remembered a malay proverb...It says..."keeping hundreds of buffaloes better than taking care a daughter...."hahhahaha...but, YES!sometime it's proved!

what a tall cactus!!

 Ekuastrian horse....stopped by here before we finsih the tired day!

this is the last but not least...a selfie with tired n stinky armpit!!!eeeuuuuwwww!!!!

Thank You for stopping by n glad you enjoy reading my uols!!